Double Honor Ministries

1 Timothy 5:17

Assisting in the financial needs of retired pastors, missionaries, staff, & their dependents

The real heroes of the faith are those men and women who gave their lives in the spread of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They considered The Great Commission a personal mandate - a direct call of God.  Many of these sacrificial servants went out in faith without the assurance of monetary reward.  Their confidence was that God would meet their needs as they faithfully performed their ministry.


Now in their latter years, unable to serve as they once did, they find themselves in critical financial need. Each story is unique but there is a common thread:  These servants faithfully served their Master and are deserving of God’s people coming alongside in financial support, especially those whose health and resources are diminished.


When we come alongside these heroes of the faith in financial support we actually share in their work; we become partners in ministry.